A World Within A World- MMORPG Online


Have you ever wondered how amazing it could be to live in a world that is a summation of all that you have always dreamt of? To conjure a space in life that is a perfect blend of science and fantasy is a Herculean task in this era. Such a thought is mostly restricted to science fictions; but it can be brought to life with the help of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-play Games), a set of web browser-based games, in which thousands and even millions of players interact with each other in a Persistent State World (PSW) and take on the roles of characters in a virtual world.

How are MMORPG different from other online games?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, we have a plethora of games to choose from. There are many online role-play games available but what distinguishes these from the rest is the number of players involved (may go up to millions) and the persistent virtual world where the players develop their characters. This world keeps evolving and events keep occurring in it even when the player is not playing. It is never static and the happenings of this world may affect the player when the player logs in again.

What is the primary purpose?

Unlike other role-playing games, the sole purpose of these multiplayer games is not to complete levels and reach the end of the game. Being dependent on emergent game play, the multiplayer games are driven by the interactions of the groups of players. While there are still a handful of obstacles, struggles and levels to cross, the main aim of the game is to assist the players to strategically build their characters, with respect to abilities, experience and wealth acquired.

Some of the common themes-

Like every other game, the multiplayer games are also based on themes that define their structure and modules. Some of the popular themes are:

  • Fantasy- this is a traditional theme
  • Hybrid- a unique combination of fantasy and science and even elements of crime fiction.
  • Comic- Thematic elements drawn from American comic books.


All these themes and elements are employed with familiar backdrops of monsters, difficult quests and other intimidating situations.


Alluring Characteristics of the games


Most of the game elements are developed by the publisher to keep the game evolving and the popularity of them increasing among the masses. The estimated worldwide revenue collected from these games show how they have carved out comfortable positions in the sphere of gamers. Some of their characteristics make these games even more interesting. Players are allowed to form alliances and interact with others within this virtual world. Personal avatars can be created and the game content can also be modified by the players to some extent. They also have customised content for those who do not want to participate in virtual battles. Instead of losing out on the fun, they can be a part of the game by setting up shops and contributing to the virtual currency and economy of this world.


When playing MMORPGs you literally create a fantastic world that helps connect more people online than in the real world. Say yes to these multiplayer games and enjoy the social interactions!